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Rust-Free Filter Cans Manufactured From Cold-Rolled Steel

Presently, filter manufacturers are facing increasing demands from their customers for rust-free products. In the industry, the outside of a filter can is known as the “clean” side, while the inside of the can is generally regarded as the “dirty” side. However, with advances in filter can manufacturing, the inside of the filter can is becoming a clean side, too.

When rust does form inside the can, the filter is contaminated. Filter companies are cutting open their filter cans to prove that no rust exists inside the filter. They also want to reassure their customers that no contamination will form in the future. To reach more customers, filter manufacturers are advertising their products as “free of any contamination.”

Traditionally, filter cans have been produced from higher cost tin-plate steel due to its protective coating – the tin plate – which provides rust protection. Although tin-plate steel filter cans will eventually rust, they do have a long shelf life. While filter manufacturers would like to have products made from lower cost cold-rolled steel, they are not willing to forego the rust protection.

An ideal economical solution would combine cold-rolled steel and rust protection – and that is just what Scotland Manufacturing can provide! We have developed a new process that allows us to manufacture products from cold-rolled steel and offer the same shelf life, and in some cases a longer shelf life, than products produced from tin-plate steel. When you split open a Scotland Manufacturing filter can – you have a clean inside – with no contamination!

High humidity is one of the major contributors to the formation of rust – and with the extremely hot temperatures we have had this summer – you would expect to find significant rust problems. Scotland Manufacturing is pleased to report that independent testing has matched our own in-house results for rust-free products. All of our manufacturing and testing processes are monitored and statistically controlled to meet ASTM standards.

Scotland Manufacturing has the expertise and the technology available to offer contaminate-free products from lower-cost cold-rolled steel – just contact us and we’ll let you see “the inside” of our filter cans.

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