Message from the Firm

Welcome to Scotland Manufacturing — your source for the very best in stamped products. At Scotland Manufacturing, our vision is to become the premier manufacturer of deep drawn stampings. We have a strong commitment to the industry, our customers and our employees — and we work hard to meet our goals.

At Scotland Manufacturing, we truly value our customers and our customer relationships. We are very customer-oriented and this is evident as we help our customers solve problems, design products, and resolve internal issues whether it is with inventory, manufacturing or tooling.

We're also very employee-oriented, having built a company that people are proud to work for, where generations have come to earn a living. All employees are treated fairly and with dignity, and this is reflected in the team spirit that permeates throughout the company every day. Our employees are genuinely happy to work at Scotland Manufacturing — and this attitude translates into superior customer service and high quality products.

By working hard to gain a strong position in the marketplace, Scotland Manufacturing has grown to become the deep drawn stamping company that customers want to do business with, simply because we understand the market.

We invite you to get to know Scotland Manufacturing and our capabilities. Please contact us for more information on how Scotland Manufacturing can become your premier source for deep drawn stampings.