Product Offerings

"We have worked with Scotland Manufacturing for about 10 years and our overall experience has been very positive from customer service to product quality, performance and on-time delivery. They manufacture a unique product to the market and are good not only with day-to-day business functions, but they also respond quickly if you have an engineering or technical question."

Tom McUmber
Purchasing Manager
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Mobile Climate Systems Div.

Product Offerings

Scotland Manufacturing's expertise in deep drawn stampings, in either cold rolled steel or tin plate steel, has made us the leading supplier for some of the largest and most respected OEMs in the industry. In addition, our flat stamping capabilities allow us to produce exactly what our customers need from low-volume specialty applications to high-speed, high-volume parts.

Scotland Manufacturing's knowledge and expertise in the production of deep drawn cans has made us a major supplier to leading manufacturers in the liquid filtration industry. We also have the ability to supply other stampings used in filtration such as end caps and retainer plates. Value added services, including welding, assembly and pressure testing, allow customers to reduce their supply base. Our aim is to provide customers with products that eliminate the need to hassle with additional services.

Industry Trends

Cold Rolled Steel vs. Tin Plate Steel

One of the keys to success in today's marketplace is the ability to be flexible in reacting to changes in steel prices. Because steel prices continually fluctuate, Scotland Manufacturing must be able to respond to the market and get the best value for its customers. Our excellent long-standing relationships with integrated steel mills allow us to procure the most competitive pricing for steel.

Scotland Manufacturing offers the distinct advantage of being proficient in producing products in both cost-efficient cold rolled steel and stronger, more corrosion-resistant tin plate steel. Our ability to switch production between cold rolled or tin plate steel allows us to provide cost reductions to our customers, supplying the same product in the most cost-effective material.

With more than 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we can provide a diversified product line in a highly flexible production environment. Value-added services including welding, assembly and pressure testing, eliminate the need for customers to hassle with additional services.

Case Studies

Amsted Rail
In 2009, Amsted Rail, a manufacturer of freight car undercarriage systems, became interested in entering a slightly different market. Although Amsted Rail was successful in producing castings, bearings and wheels for the rail market, the company was looking to replicate an existing product – an inner casing for railcar brake systems. To become competitive in this new market, Scotland Manufacturing and Amsted Rail jointly developed and designed the product and the manufacturing process. Scotland Manufacturing built the tools to manufacture the product and produced the parts. While most competing suppliers for this product are dependent on offshore suppliers, Scotland Manufacturing's domestic U.S. location close to Amsted Rail facilitated communication and expedited production. By streamlining and eliminating some of the manufacturing processes, as well as eliminating dependency on offshore suppliers, Scotland Manufacturing was able to reduce production costs and help Amsted Rail become competitive in a new market.

Copperfield Chimney
Copperfield Chimney, a manufacturer of products for chimney construction, was seeking a supplier source closer to its assembly and manufacturing process. In 2009, it moved production for one of its products from Ohio to North Carolina, where Scotland Manufacturing is located. Scotland Manufacturing was able to provide not only a better product, improved logistics and higher quality, but also took charge of Copperfield Chimney's move to North Carolina. Copperfield Chimney's dies were shipped to the plant in North Carolina and Scotland Manufacturing helped with the transition by not only testing the dies in the manufacturing processes, but also running parts to meet delivery dates as well. As a result, Copperfield Chimney, already part of the very competitive construction materials industry, became even more competitive with better products and on-time delivery.