Product Offerings

Flat Stampings

Automotive Stampings

From simple designs to intricate shapes, our design department can fabricate the tooling to meet the exact product requirements for production or service. Scotland Manufacturing's capabilities for the automotive market include door panels for the high-end automotive OEM, clutch plates, transmission plates, brackets and filter cans.

Construction Stampings

Our advanced tooling technology allows us to take a variety of metals, from flat steel to stainless steel, and produce components for the construction industry such as chimney caps, and brackets and braces for prefabricated buildings. We can meet all requirements for special finishes including high-quality polishing specifications.

For more information, read the Copperfield Chimney case study.

Rail Stampings

We offer high-volume manufacturing to meet the demands of the rail industry. Our design department can work with customers to develop products at competitive prices. Some of our capabilities for the rail industry include brake intercasings, shoes and pads, and friction products.

Scotland Manufacturing's proficiency in producing deep-drawn or flat stampings makes us an excellent source to meet the demands of the rail industry. We offer high-speed, high-volume manufacturing, along with value added services such as welding, assembly and pressure testing. Our design department works with customers to develop products at the most competitive prices.

Scotland Manufacturing can supply brake inner casings for railcars, and we are proficient in manufacturing other rail products such as backer plates. Our innovative, lower-cost stamped products offer the railroad industry an alternative to traditional products made from castings.

As an example, Scotland Manufacturing recently collaborated with Amsted Rail to produce a new product for the railroad company, which would allow them to enter a new market. Scotland Manufacturing and Amsted Rail jointly developed and designed the product and the manufacturing process. We built the manufacturing tools and produced the new product. By working with our customer to streamline the design and manufacturing processes, Scotland Manufacturing was able to develop a competitive product for the railcar company.