"I've worked at Scotland Manufacturing for more than 20 years and I can't imagine working anywhere else. If you're looking for an environment where everyone is made to feel important, where your views and ideas are heard and respected, and where all employees have genuine respect and concern for each other...than Scotland Manufacturing is the place to work! We treat our customers with the same respect and courtesy, while doing our best to service our customer's needs by providing an on-time, quality product."

Tim Carroll
Production Planner
Scotland Manufacturing Inc.

Business Approach

As a manufacturing partner, Scotland Manufacturing helps customers reduce bottlenecks at their own plants, while also helping them reduce inventories. From automobile door panels to clutch plates and chimney caps to fire extinguishers, Scotland Manufacturing manufactures superior finished goods at competitive prices.

We help customers standardize their products, to save time and money in production, assembly and shipping. Scotland Manufacturing works with customers to help them choose the best materials and product configurations for their needs. Complete components can be produced to reduce a customer's supplier base.

With Scotland Manufacturing as a partner, customers can be assured that their manufacturing needs will be met with adherence to strict quality, service and delivery standards.